The Phoenix Academy

The Phoenix Academy program provides an accelerated learning environment for the student age 17 to 21 whose age and academic performance indicate that he/she has not benefited from the traditional educational setting and who exhibits a strong desire to receive a high school diploma. Students interested in enrolling in the Phoenix Academy program should meet with their home campus counselor. 

Phoenix Academy High School Homework Policy

Due to the nature of self-paced courses that are offered at The Academy, homework may be assigned. The student will be allowed to complete the unfinished daily assignments at home if s/he wishes. Project due dates may be assigned; therefore, students will be responsible for completing the projects by the due date.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Phoenix Academy is a MISD campus that provides a self-paced accelerated curriculum for students who may be deficient in their credits or meet one or more of the state at-risk criteria factors. It is designed to provide students with an individualized plan to graduate and move forward toward post-secondary education, military, or a trade/industrial career track.