The Journey Has Begun: A Message From Mrs Crane
Phoenix Academy Principal Regenia Crane

The Journey Has Begun……
We have started our exciting journey into learning, growing, and preparing to become 2021 graduates!  It was great to check into the remote/virtual learning classes and see our students being resilient and acclimating themselves to our “new” norm for now.  Our teachers were ready and prepared to support our students.  We took time to learn our students and to prepare them for navigating through our learning platforms.  Students participated in the MISD Passport Learning course that provided them with detailed information in accessing their courses.  We will continue our remote learning through September 7th .  
On Monday, August 24th, our campus will have a virtual “Meet the Teacher” night.  Information on connecting with us is forthcoming!  As a staff we continue to practice our social distancing and wearing our masks.  All staff meetings have been virtual as teachers will continue to be informed and updated right in the comfort and safety of their rooms.  
As parents, I hope you had the opportunity to go through our district Passport Learning course as well.  You can access it on the MISD website.  Thank you for your patience and grace as our district work hard to serve the families of Mansfield ISD.  
As always, do not hesitate to call us for any information, answer questions, or address your concerns.  My virtual open door policy continues to demonstrate our priority of providing excellent service to our families at The Phoenix Academy.  
Here are a few tips I recommend for our Phoenix students to assist them in being successful:
1)    Create a schedule by setting a daily alarm so that they can be on time for their TEAMS meetings
2)    Eat a healthy breakfast so that you are alert in your classes
3)    Drink plenty of water
4)    Make sure you check in your classes each day at the assigned time
5)    Ask your teachers for assistance when you need it
6)    Create a bright and creative environment in which to do your work in.  I’m sure your peers and your teacher will enjoy 
7)    Stretch and move around as needed to help keep your attention span
8)    An appropriate dress code is expected
9)    Be ready to stay engaged in your class by staying on video during your class time. 
Remember attendance is important, students must be in their TEAMS meeting to be counted present.  This reflects our core value of excellence and integrity. 

Principal Regenia Crane
“Leaving imprints for those coming behind me”

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