The Phoenix Academy is a MISD campus that provides a self-paced accelerated curriculum for students who may be deficient in their credits or meet one or more of the state at-risk criteria factors. It is designed to provide students with an individualized plan to graduate and move forward toward post-secondary education, military, or a trade/industrial career track. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply?
Every potential student should apply for enrollment into the Phoenix Academy through their counselor.  Student, parent and counselor should work together to determine if the Phoenix Academy is a viable option for the student to be successful in completing their graduation requirements.

What is the criteria for becoming a student?
Students must be at least 16 years of age and have a minimum of 10 credits to be considered.  Student with continuous serious discipline referrals will not be considered ( i.e. insubordination, fighting, profanity, etc…) 
Our campus is designed to provide students with a positive culture that will motivate and inspire them to be all that they can be.  

How do I know if I am accepted?
Our campus will notify your counselor if you are accepted.  You will also receive a call from our campus regarding your acceptance and orientation date.  

When do I start?
You will start once you have completed your orientation and have withdrawn from your home campus. 

How often does Phoenix Academy accept students?
We accept students at various times throughout the school year.  As students graduate, spaces become available for new students. Your counselor will be notified when spaces are available to accept students. 

Can I return to my home campus if I change my mind about going to Phoenix?
It is the goal of the Phoenix Academy to help students graduate in their graduating year.  Because each student receives an individualized plan based on their academic needs, classes are scheduled according to the semester/or 6 weeks needed.  It is not recommended that students attempt to return to their home campus due to our campus and the traditional campus operating on a different class schedule.  Going back to your home campus may result in being unable to take the classes needed for a particular semester.  Remember, students are able to navigate through our program utilizing a self-pace approach. 

Do I still get to participate in graduation with my home campus?
Yes; Graduating seniors will participate in graduation with their home campus.  Graduates must attend practice.  Students are encouraged to go to their home campus website senior page for graduation cap and gown information as well as graduation practice schedule.

Am I required to take EOC?
Yes, all graduating seniors must meet the state requirements for graduation to include passing standardized state assessments.

What school will be printed on my diploma?
Your home campus name will be printed on your diploma. 

Can I attend prom?
Yes, students who are classified as seniors can participate in their home campus senior activities which includes attending prom.  Students are encouraged to keep up with required senior activities and graduation schedule of requirements by checking their home campus website on a regular basis.  The Phoenix campus also works to keep important information posted on fliers, reader board, and student News You Can Use. 

How large are classes?
In efforts to maintain classes that are rigorous and provide individualized learning and support, most of our classes have a maximum of 13 students per class. 

Is Phoenix a closed campus? 
Yes.  The Phoenix Academy follows all MISD policies and guidelines.

Can I attend a 2 or 4 year college if I attend Phoenix Academy?
Yes, the graduation plan you have chosen may determine whether or not you will be accepted into a 2 or 4 year college.  
If you choose to attend Tarrant County College, you will need to take the TSI college entrance test.  If you are wanting to attend a 4 year college, you will need to take the SAT and/or ACT exam.  The counselor and Go Center representative can assist you. 

Can I receive scholarships to attend college?
Yes, MISD offers various scholarships.  Our campus has a Go Center representative that will assist you in preparing to go to college.